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Professional inspection.

Module 1
This seminar "Rotor Blade - Inspection & Repair Prospects - Technicians" is designed for technicians who want to be able to perform professional inspection on rotor blades. The expectations for qualified damage investigation have gone up over the years. Having a good knowledge  of the smallest details during inspection can have a large influence on the evaluation of the findings. During this seminar the prospective inspector will receive a comprehensive understanding of the nature of rotor blades. One important part of the seminar will be the preparation of adequate inspection reports with pictures and text.

  •  To interpret visible damages on rotor blades
  •  To be aware of possible invisible damages on rotor blades
  •  To interpret inspection & assessment reports
  •  How to prepare adequate inspection reports

Duration: 2 days.
Participation in this seminar is a prerequisite to sign up for module 2, course "Rotor blade service technician", .
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